Mesolithic to modern - a trail in time

Come and join us in our attempt to uncover Inkpen's near and distant past.
Inkpen is a place of outstanding natural beauty. Quiet, dark skied, with a sparse community that binds a love of the countryside's slow heart beat, with the speed of the internet. But a community, as it always has been.

Ancient remains

Beautiful and amazing neolithic cooking and water vessel finds come from a nearby dried up brook off Inkpen's Craven Road. Several Mesolithic, Iron age and Saxon finds have also been made.

Walbury Hill Fort

The iron age hill fort is the highest point in the south of England offering spectacular views. It is a well known landmark for walkers, a viewing point for the night sky and a source of wonder for naturalists. On the adjacent hill lies an ancient long-barrow.

St Michael's Church

Is a 13th century church thought to occupy the site of a much earlier wooden church. It attracts visitors from all over the world.

Inkpen in film

Inkpen featured in the John Schlesinger film, "The Black Legend". It's a film which portrays a double hanging during the late 17th century. A double gibbet still marks the spot on Combe Hill. The film has been reworked to bring it to a high definition standard, with narration by Robert Hardy, one of Britain's most successful character actors. A copy of the film is lodged with the British Film Institute (BFI) and showings of the film still draws crowded audiences as it offers a glimpse of Inkpen's sometimes troubled past.


An ode from 1967 giving a feel of life for some, and focussing on the bygone years of 'Windrush', a large and staffed house at the intersection of Folly Road and Post Office Road, close to the site of the Olive Branch public house. The poem is written by Richard Alexander Usborne and accessible here.

  • Maps

    Maps give us the best understanding of how Inkpen has changed. Tithe maps tell us who lived where and who owned what. We include a few here.

  • Grave records

    3 graveyards have been catalogued and headstone inscriptions are also included. These have been extensively accessed for family tree research.

  • WW1 and ww2

    A list of casualties for those from Inkpen and Kintbury are provided. As much additional information as can be gathered is also given.

  • 1975 recordings

    In 1975 Inkpen produced an audio record of its memorable past. This is in the form of 13 separate audio tracks. You might need headphones.

  • a victorian view

    This mostly relates to St. Michael's church which underwent a substantial makeover at that time. Before and after pictures are provided.

  • scrapbook

    Scrapbooks from the WI, Press clips and other linked content form a time capsule of Inkpen's recent past giving us a vivid insight into our local predecessors.

Always on the look-out

If you have an interest in Inkpen's history, photos or anecdotes, please get in touch. Email us at: